Clever (K-12)

Clever is a portal that allows single sign-on access for students to various programs using their Clever or CKSD login.

-Depending on the student's grade level and classes they may have different programs and access differently then their siblings

Look for the icon below on their iPad or click on the icon to take you to the Clever website.

Clever icon

To Login using the Clever app

1. Touch the Clever icon

2. Touch 'Login in with Username/Password'

Clever Login Screen

3.) If logging in for the first time you will need to search for your school.  Type in Claysburg and select your school (Claysburg-Kimmel Elementary or Claysburg-Kimmel High School)

Clever Select your school screen

4.If attending Claysburg-Kimmel Elementary, touch 'Log in with Clever'.  If attending Claysburg-Kimmel High School touch 'Log in with Active Directory'.

Clever select a login option

5.) For Login with Clever; use the login provided by your teacher. The username is your 6-digit lunch number.  For login with Active Directory use your CKSD email account and password.

To Login using the Clever website

1.) Select 'Log in as Student'

Clever website login option

2.) Follow Steps 3-5 from 'To Login using the Clever App'

Clever website