Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules

** the classroom rules were given to each student to keep during the first week of school**


  1. Mutual RESPECT between the students and the teacher is expected.  Students should be attentive during the lesson and respectful of classmates.  Each student is expected to come to class prepared with the proper materials such as: pens, pencils, textbooks, notebooks, folders, homework completed and etc.  Each student is expected to be to class on time - tardiness will not be tolerated. Students who are excessively late will receive detention if warnings are not heeded. Skipping class will result in a grade of 0% for the class period unattended and a discipline referral will be sent to the office.

  2. If a student has a disagreement with me or another student, there will be an opportunity to discuss his/her concerns after class. This prevents any unnecessary confrontations.  Yelling out in class and disrupting activities will not be tolerated.

  3. DETENTION notices may be given out to those students who exhibit inappropriate behavior or whose academic success is in jeapardy due to incomplete homework or insufficient class preparation.  Three (3) tardies (being late for class) in a marking period will constitute a detention. 

  4. Class PARTICIPATION and involvement is a MUST and will be greatly appreciated.

  5. Homework may be checked DAILY to determine if the homework was attempted seriously and is complete.  It may be collected or spot-checked and it will consist of a portion of the student’s nine-week marking period grade.  If a student receives 3 zeroes (0) on homework completion, his/her grade will automatically drop 5 percentage points.  Each additional set of 3 zeroes will continue to cause the student’s grade to drop an additional 5 points.

  6. Students are encouraged to complete work missed when absent as quickly as possible and any work not made-up will receive a grade of 0%.

  7. Late assignments will not be accepted.  There is NO chance to make-up incomplete homework assignments.

  8. It is each student’s responsibility to determine and ask what he/she missed while absent.  Please ask at an appropriate time for any assignments that may have been missed.

  9. Cheating will result in a 0% on the activity being graded.  Habitual acts of cheating will result in the student failing for the nine-week marking period.

  10. Classwork points will be deducted for inappropriate behavior during class, being late for class, not completing classwork or assigned work and not having appropriate materials for class.

  11. Bathroom privileges will be given the last 5 minutes of class, unless there is an emergency.



I have read the above rules and have discussed them with my child.  I am giving my signature to signify that the classroom rules have been provided to my family.




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